Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Penguin Pride and Heart Patients

Hockey is a fun game to watch and if you are a heart patient there is no reason you cannot go to watch the game! Walking into the stadium is good exercise for your body and soul. Maybe you cannot play the game anymore but you can get out where the action is.

When you get the itch to catch a real live hockey game, go see Ticketamerica’s web site. has tickets for the Pittsburgh Penguins the Consol Energy Center and all other NHL tickets. Being from PA myself, I got Penguin Pride! Get your NHL tickets  at Ticketamerica's web site. They also have tickets for all Pittsburgh Penguins matches even those played at the  Consol Energy Center.

If you are a hockey fan but cannot get to the rink to watch a game or play, the next best thing is to find some free online games to play

Over at Candystand there is an extreme air-hockey challenge. It is free to play and if you submit your scores, you can win real prizes.  When playing this one, you select your country and help lead the team to victory. The mouse controls your mallet. So get your trigger finger ready for this excitement. You can play on Acadepod’s website they have eight hockey games.  Some of these are flash, java, and shockwave games for fans to enjoy.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Moderation is the key with Homemade Fries

I have to admit that for two years after my heart attacks I was scared to eat anything fried. I denied myself those homemade French Fries that I used to eat along with many other things.

One night while I was home alone recently and feeling like I had given up so much I put the olive oil on to heat.  As I cut up the potato, I had a brief moment of second thoughts. Then reality quickly took over and said I am not going to have another heart attack because I have a few French Fries here.

Those fries were so darn good, and I did not feel badly for giving into my craving. I know with the olive oil I fried them with the healthiest oil I knew of.

I did not salt them, homemade fries do not need anything.  I did mix my favorite dipping sauce, which is about a teaspoon of ketchup to 2 teaspoons of fat free mayo. I love this mix and its great on fries, or baked burgers. My granddaughters love this dip with their chicken nuggets.

I believe moderation is the key to everything we eat. Real French fries fried in olive oil once or twice a year is not going to kill me. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Exercise and NCAA Basketball

Living with heart disease does not mean you have to sit in the house like a hermit. It is very important to get out there and get some exercise. Granted some of us can get back to our sporting activities quickly, while others need to take it slow and to build back up to these activities.

If you enjoyed basketball before you were diagnosed with heart disease you might be missing that type of adrenalin rush. While you may not feeling like getting out there to play basketball you sure can watch some great action on the basketball court. If you are a fan of the Charlotte 49ers, Greensboro Spartans or the Central Eagles get out there and see a game. has seating for college games that include some great teams in the state of North Carolina that include the North Carolina Central Eagles ticketsNorth Carolina Charlotte 49ers tickets,  and North Carolina Greensboro Spartans tickets college NCAA games.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Low Salt Comfort foods

Comfort foods on a low salt diet are easier to prepare then one might think. Macaroni and cheese, soup, and even a cheeseburger and fries can be low sodium if prepared the right way. Here are some tasty alternatives to the comfort foods we enjoyed most of our lives.

Macaroni and Cheese
Macaroni and Cheese is a comfort food, but to some one on a low salt diet it is off limits. On the other hand, is it? The macaroni itself is not bad, and it's better if you skip adding the salt to the water when you boil it.
Opt to use low salt cheese, Helluva and Alpine Lace companies both make good varieties.

Also, skip the bread or cracker crumbs on top, as these are typically better for you. If you have to use the breadcrumbs, use low sodium bread and season it a salt-free seasoning. As always though watch the portion sizes and read the labels of all ingredients.

Burger and Fries!
For the burger get the leanest, you can find and mix it with ground turkey. Season it with the Mrs. Dash of your choice for extra flavor. For cooking, you have a few ways to accomplish it. Steam it, grill it, or bake it in the oven! Place the patty up on a drip pan so the oil, fat etc drips off on to the other pan and away from the food. Think of your burger as a mini meatloaf and you will fare better.

Depending on your toppings, you can add a slice of cheese. Cheese though is typically high in sodium and not a good thing if you insist on ketchup, pickles, mustard, and mayo on your burger. All of these are high in sodium, so its time to choose what you can go without and what you must have.

The fries are the easy part. Either purchase the type which is already cit or slice up your own potatoes and bake them. Never deep-fry these, I know they are great but most of us who are on the low salt diet are also on the low fat, or low cholesterol diets as well. Baking our fries is much better all around and much healthier for us.

Canned soups are usually loaded with sodium and the no salt or low salt varieties are gross. Soups are a comfort food that is stable of just about everyone in the United States. You can create you own and still enjoy it. Boil a few chicken thighs, add frozen vegetables or noodles and along with Mrs. Dash you have a soup you can eat. Beef stew no problem cut up your own beef, add the frozen vegetables, and chopped potatoes and you have a hearty meal you can enjoy.

My journey into the low salt diet is only just a year old but each day I am finding alternative ways to eating the comfort foods I enjoyed all of my life.