Monday, July 7, 2014

Natural Healing Migraines

Having endured migraine headaches since I was a young girl of five years old I have dealt with too many within my lifetime. If there were a magical pill I could take to end them for the last time I certainly would do that, but there is no magical pill so I have learned ways to deal with them so I control them and not the other way around.

Last summer I wrote an article about how to ease migraine headaches and limit how much they control my life. Those migraine headaches medicines both prescription and over the counter just make me far more ill, so I do not use them very much.
Most people who do suffer from migraine headaches also report that medication taken at the wrong time will set our bodies into vomit mode. When your head is pounding the last thing you want, is your body to vomit, so why take medicines when you know it will happen? I have had countless iv fluids and even been hospitalized before I found the answers I sought for so long.
You need real migraine headaches help and it is not going to come out of a bottle or even a shot if you do not watch what you eat on a daily basis. Trust me, one that one folks, I have found a way to control my pain simply but avoiding food and other triggers.
Did you know that some of the very foods you eat could cause migraine headaches? It is true and once I had heard this long ago I searched for a book and found it. That book is long gone but the lessons learned remain with me today many years later because I learned that migraine headaches can be caused by certain foods.
Hot dogs, processed cheese, lunch meats and chocolate all are migraine headaches triggers. Limiting these foods can help; my limit is two grilled hot dogs (which I love) before the migraine headaches sets in. I did write an article on these as well and you can locate more of those food triggers here.
This is a great idea to figure out what triggers migraine headaches, but there are so many triggers out there. These migraine headaches triggers not include not only foods but stress and things in our environment as well. It surely is enough to make your head spin.
Creating a trigger notebook will allow you to see a pattern of your migraine headaches and once you see the patterns you can realize what your triggers are. All you need to do is write down foods you ate during the day, stress levels, and what is happening around you.
Sunlight is a trigger for me, so I try to stay out of it, but even inside I must guard against it. Sunlight streaming through a window will set off migraine headaches, as will sleeping on too flat of a pillow.
If I do happen to get migraine headaches even with the precautions that I take, I try rubbing my neck, taking a hot shower, take a few capsules of fever few or use a hot rice bag to relieve the pain. A rice bag is a great way to relieve the pain from migraine headaches. These rice bags are great for any type of pain that you maybe experiencing and can be made any size.

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